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Greenfield Lawyers win 2015 Law Firm of the Year Award!

Greenfield Lawyers win 2015 Law Firm of the Year Award!

Greenfield Lawyers has won the Lawchoice Law Firm of the Year Award! This award goes to Australia's top firm which has proven a strong track record of outstanding client feedback over the course of the year.

Notably in 2015, Greenfield Lawyers have been successful in:

What do Greenfield Lawyers do?

Located in Bankstown, NSW, Greenfield Lawyers specialises in criminal law, which includes representation for the following matters:

Traffic matters: Drink driving, DUI, negligent driving, speed camera cases, police radar, lidar, licence appeals, speeding fines, all traffic fines and traffic penalties, habitual traffic offender declarations. Drug matters: Drug possession, drug supply, drug importation.

Assault matters: Sexual assault, assault, indecent assault, malicious wounding causing grievous bodily harm.

Property matters: Robbery (including armed robbery, robbery in company), malicious damage, extortion, break and enter, shoplifting, larceny, steal from person, steal by find, embezzlement, fraud, deception.

Other matters: AVOs, murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, abduction, firearms offences, public order offences, Centrelink cases, arson, forgery and false instruments, trespass. Civil matters: assault/battery, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment.

What makes Greenfield Lawyers different?

Greenfield Lawyers are multilingual, speaking four languages:

  • English
  • Vietnamese
  • Korean
  • Mandarin

They make themselves available to you via telephone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Unlike many law firms, Greenfield Lawyers provide a fixed-fee Email Advice Service which allows them to provide accurate written legal advice in response to email enquiries received from you within 1 hour (in an emergency), and within a maximum of 24 hours generally.

What strategies does Greenfield Lawyers employ to obtain positive client feedback?

As mentioned in our free e-book, THE AUSTRALIAN LAWYERS GUIDE TO OBTAINING NEW CLIENTS THROUGH ACQUIRING AND MANAGING CLIENT REVIEWS, Greenfield Lawyers sought feedback from their clients at multiple occasions during the conclusion of the matter. Specifically,

  • In person at court upon delivery of the good result;
  • Before closing the file on their practice management system; and
  • On final notice of advice (and formal verdict).

If you are currently logged into your Lawchoice Profile, you may find these tools useful to collect positive client feedback.

Congratulations to Greenfield Lawyers who have won a free Premium Membership and all the benefits that come with it (such as priority search listing, priority referrals, and the ability to add front-page article content) as well as a $500 Lawchoice Web Design credit.

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