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To rate your lawyer's performance, simply look up your lawyer by doing a keyword search of the name of the law firm you used, or browse by searching the area of law that your matter was in and by location on the homepage.

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Click on the law firm's profile and rate its performance based on five individual criteria. You are also given the opportunity to write a review of your experience which will be visible to anyone viewing the law firm's profile page.

You can be as brief or as detailed as you wish, and can even remain anonymous. We ask that you be totally honest and fair in your assessment and provide an accurate appraisal of the legal services you received. Lawchoice carefully monitors all reviews before publishing them.



That's it! Press Submit and Lawchoice will review your comments and publish the review within 3 business days if it passes our screening process.

Note: We never post reviews that contain offensive language, profanity or obviously misleading statements. We screen all reviews thoroughly for verification and will not publish reviews that we deem inappropriate or offensive

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