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Need help navigating or setting up your listing on the Lawchoice Directory? You've come to the right place. Browse our frequently asked questions - and if you still don't find what you're looking for, contact our team.
Our mission is to promote, market and advertise legal Australian law firms on the Internet. By listing your law firm in the Lawchoice Legal directory, prospective clients who are looking for lawyers can find and review law firms like yours. The demand for lawyers is increasing, and more consumers are turning to the Internet to find them. By joining the Lawchoice Legal directory, prospective clients will be able to easily find you and contact you.
As at 1 December 2014, Lawchoice averages over 40,000 hits per month.
Listing your law firm is fast and simple. First, go to our JOIN PAGE to view the available listing options. Once you have selected the type of listing you want, follow the instructions to complete the process. After signing up, you can immediately LOGIN to your account to edit and update your law firm's listing.
Membership on the Lawchoice Legal Directory is free. Signing up for a free account entitles you to receive instant referrals and an improved search ranking, as well as reaping the majority of SEO benefits. There are limitations on a free account however, such as coming second in priority and search results to Premium Members and being listed in only one practice area. Premium membership costs a nominal annual fee but provides you with enhanced SEO, priority referrals, listing in multiple practice areas, and the ability to publish media including front-page content.
View membership options and pricing.
Lawchoice does not charge law firms for client referrals. They are provided for free. Read more about how and why we offer free referrals to law firms.
1. We Advertise to the Public
Lawchoice uses 50% of paid membership fees to raise awareness of our service which drives more traffic to your listing. We advertise to the public online through Google and social media, as well as hard copy marketing such as flyers, posters, bill boards, etc. The greater amount of paying members directly correlates to the amount of advertising and marketing we push out which benefits all of our members as a whole. The other 50% goes towards maintenance of the website to ensure continued advancement and great customer service to both our legal partners and the public. Has your law firm done something great? Let us know, we want to publish it! 
2. We Publish Reviews and Promote Transparency
We enable members of the public to provide and access independent and unbiased reviews of their experiences when they have had to engage the services of a law firm. You can use these reviews as a survey tool to benchmark your performance or as testimonials. This feature helps promote the great work lawyers do and will provide much needed transparency to the industry in attempt to rid the social stigma attributed to lawyers and law firms. 
3. We are BIG and We Stay Up to Date 
Our database contains over 9,500 individual law firms and a total of approximately 12,000 offices across Australia which is arguably the most comprehensive legal database available online. Because of this, clients use our directory more than any other directory resource in Australia. We regularly audit our database to ensure phone numbers, email addresses and website URL's are up to date to make sure clients can find you. Our last internal audit was: 13-5-2016. 
4. We are Approachable 
This is all we do - we live and breathe law. We don't have a stake in any law firm or operate any other website or directory so we can put the whole of our attention into our service for lawyers. Unlike other directories, we have a physical office and contact number which you can use for support during normal business hours. You will reach real people, not just an automated voice recording.
If you search for your law firm on our directory, chances are we have already done the work for you by listing your firm's name, contact number and web address so the public can find and review your services. To claim your listing, locate your profile and click the yellow 'Claim Listing' button. When you click on this, you will be directed to the sign-up and pricing page where you can choose a membership level to signup for. After you have entered your email address and password (and payment details if it is a paid membership level), then you will assume control of that existing listing. 
If you require additional instructions, please see our help documentation here: How to Claim Your Listing.
By claiming your listing you can increase the visibility of your law firm, receive direct enquiries from potential clients, and most importantly, you will be able to respond to reviews. Many local directories may not have any verification method to prove that the person claiming or editing a listing actually belongs to the law firm. If you take the initiative to claim your listing(s) on Lawchoice, it prevents other people from modifying (or even completely removing) your listing. 
You can claim your listing for free and benefit with increased search priority and referral priority over other law firms who haven't claimed their listing. Our directory automatically generates meta data for your law firm which facilitates Search Enginge Optimisation (SEO). Therefore, claiming your listing and keeping it up to date will enhance the visibility of your law firm when potential clients search for you on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. 
Finally, claiming your listing ensures that you are notified of any client review BEFORE it gets published. This can be critical to ensure that, in the event of receiving an unfavourable review, your law firm has a chance to mitigate any possible damage that may occur as a result by dealing with the client directly with a view to resolution. For a full list of benefits, please refer to our membership benefits page.
Once you’ve claimed your law firm profile on the Lawchoice website, the most important thing you can do to boost your visibility is get reviews. 
Reason 1 - Ratings Impact "Sales" 
A study by Harvard University has found that a one star increase in rating on a review site yields a 5-9% increase in revenue for a company. This suggests that online reviews are important to a company’s reputation and success. 
Reason 2 - Improved Search Ranking 
Having a positive rating can help you elevate your law firm in search results, especially as our site allows visitors to sort law firms by the number of ratings. 
Here are some tips for getting great reviews: 
1. Add Lawchoice Referral Badges or links to Your Website. 
2. Encourage reviews simply by asking your clients - Encourage client reviews by simply mentioning to your satisfied client near the conclusion of their claim that you would appreciate it if they would leave a review on the Lawchoice website and rate their experience with your law firm. Most people will be happy to oblige. 
3. Embed the Lawchoice 'Reviews Module' on your legal website to receive client reviews directly from your own website. This code is free and can be copied and pasted from your admin panel once you have claimed your listing or created an account.
At Lawchoice, we promote honesty and integrity. We never post reviews that contain offensive language, profanity or obviously misleading statements. We screen all reviews thoroughly and will not publish reviews that we deem inappropriate, offensive, or clearly false. If you have claimed your listing and are a Basic or Premium Member, upon receiving a negative review, Lawchoice will allow you 24 hours to deal with the matter privately. If an amicable resolution with the client can be made offline and the client agrees to contact us to have the review cancelled,Lawchoice will gladly delete it so that it does not get published.
In order to ensure the integrity of our website, negative reviews are only be able to be deleted by authorised Lawchoice representatives. However, you will have the right to respond publicly to any such reviews and can also seek our assistance in ensuring the genuineness of a review. If a review cannot be authenticated (for example, by way of a case reference or matter number), it may be deleted. The best way to combat a negative review is to simply get more reviews to level out the average rating. Contact past clients to leave feedback and you will also gain an enhanced search ranking. Should you wish to obtain a free consultation on how best to deal with negative reviews, simply contact us and we will take you through the steps best taken to deal with them.
1. First, go to the LOGIN PAGE to sign in to your account. 
2. Remember to input the same email address and password you used when you first signed up. 
3. Once you're logged in, use the links in the left column to update the details of your listing.
NOTE: If you have forgotten your password, CLICK HERE TO RETRIEVE IT. No. We are a completely independent company and have no financial stake nor vested interest in any law firm. Our interests always lie with you, the Australian public.
We're sorry you've lost your password. It's easy to retrieve it. First, ensure that your listing has already been claimed. 
2. Enter the email address you used when you first signed up for your listing. 
3. Then click on the button that says "Retrieve Password". 
4. We will email you your password. NOTE: Remember to check your Spam and Junk folders in case your password gets sent there. 
5. Visit the LOGIN PAGE to sign into your account.
1. First visit the LOGIN PAGE to sign into your account. 
2. After you login, on the left side of the screen are several links. Click on the link that says "EDIT LISTING". 
3 .From there, you can edit and update all the details of your listing. 
NOTE: Whenever you make any changes or updates to your listing, remember to click the green "SAVE CHANGES" button to save your changes. Your listing will be automatically updated every time you do this.
1. Login to your account from the LOGIN PAGE
2. Click on the "EDIT LISTING" link which is located on the left side of the page after you login. 
3. Towards the bottom of the "COMPANY DETAILS" tab will be several fields to input the website addresses of your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. 
NOTE: You MUST enter your complete public web address for this to work properly. Do not only enter your username for these sites.
TIP: To make sure the links are working properly, log out of your social accounts and check to see if the links you are inputting link to the correct pages in your web browser. 
• Facebook example: http://www.facebook/pages/your-company 
• Twitter example: 
• LinkedIn Example:
Upgrading your listing is simple and will give your law firm more visibility and exposure. Law firms with upgraded listings usually receive more inquiries from prospective clients. 
1. Login to your account from the LOGIN PAGE
2. On the top right of the page you will see a link that says: Upgrade Listing. Click on that link. 
3. From there, follow the check out process to upgrade. 
4. Your account will be automatically updated and you may begin using your upgraded features right away.
We try our best to keep our service easy to use and affordable for our members. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience by CONTACTING US. 
1. Login to your account from the LOGIN PAGE
2. Click on the "Account Settings" link which is located on the left side of the page after you login. 
3. Click on the tab that says "MANAGE LISTING". 
4. From there, find the section that says "DOWNGRADE LISTING" and click on the "CONTACT US" link. 
5. Use the contact form to submit your downgrade request. Our team will then downgrade your listing for you and any monthly changes in your billing will be reflected on your next statement.
Unfortunately, sometimes our emails will be caught as SPAM. Please check your email SPAM folder in case your sign-up confirmation and activation emails are caught. In order to receive referrals, you may need to make an exception for in your email settings.

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