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Need help finding the right lawyer at the right price? You've come to the right place. Browse our frequently asked questions - and if you still don't find what you're looking for, contact our team.
Our mission is to give the Australian public a quick, simple and free way to find the best lawyer suitable for their needs. We do this by providing people who have previously used the services of a law firm the opportunity to rate that firm on a scale of 1-5 and also post a review of their experience with that firm. This then helps people who are looking for a lawyer to make an informed decision about which firm best suits their needs.

We provide a confidential, secure, easy, reliable, and effective means for you to contact one or more law firms who may meet your criteria and outline your needs. It is as simple as filling in a form and clicking a button to send. Your enquiry is without cost or obligation to you and you can choose which law firm best suits your needs from the responses you get.
No, nothing – IT’S FREE.
By using our system, you are under no obligation to engage a lawyer at all. However, if you find a lawyer you would like to engage, the law firm will issue a costs agreement directly to you.
Note: Lawchoice does not charge referral fees to lawyers so no "hidden" cost will be passed on to you - we will never charge you a cent.
For those seeking the services of a lawyer, you can simply click on the "Ask a Lawyer" tab in the main menu and fill out the required details. We will find suitable lawyers who will contact you on an obligation free basis to discuss your matter. Alternatively, you can simply search for a suitable lawyer and pick one from the selection of law firms displayed. If you have previously used a lawyer you can rate them and post a review of your experience with them.
You simply provide an outline of your needs in the form on the "Ask a lawyer" page. It is quick, simple and free. Alternatively you search our database for a lawyer specialising in the area you need, and compare their ratings and profiles. you can then contact them directly or alternatively contact us and we will contact them on your behalf.
We encourage the law firms to respond within 1 business day of you submitting your question. You may well find that the most responsive firms are usually the most effective and efficient. If your matter is extremely urgent, simply contact us and we will arrange for one or more law firms to respond to you with the utmost priority.
Each of the law firms will have a representative contact you about your question on an obligation free basis. This gives you the opportunity to decide which law firm you feel comfortable with. At this point, you are not committed to engaging their services - if you choose a law firm they will provide you with a cost agreement which binds you once you sign it.
We have listed every law firm in Australia known to us to ensure you have the widest choice available. The law firms are categorised in the areas of work that they specialise in so that you find lawyers with the necessary expertise for your legal matter. None of the lawyers or law firms are employees or agents of Lawchoice Pty Ltd, nor do we have any interest, pecuniary or otherwise, in any one of the firms listed.
When you submit your enquiry, you will be asked to select the area of law that your enquiry relates to. We will notify lawyers who deal in the category your matter relates to.

You can judge their level of experience level by reading the law firm's profile and any ratings and reviews that have previously been posted by other members of the public.

If your matter requires engaging the services of a law firm, they will ask you to enter into a written agreement directly with them for the provision of legal services.
Yes, we will keep your information confidential. The lawyers we submit your enquiry to are all bound by law to keep your information confidential. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Leaving a Review
When you a leaving a review for a law firm you will be asked to enter your name and contact details in order for us to validate the review. If your review is approved, your name will be displayed alongside it.

Absolutely. That is the beauty of this system. Just find a law firm that you think might be the best fit for you and contact them with your enquiry or provide details of your query in our "Ask a lawyer" section from the Main Menu and type your enquiry in the message form and hit Submit and you’ve started.

Note: If you want your query to go to 2 additional law firms for a response, please tick "Receive additional replies from similarlawyers " on the contact form.

No. We are a completely independent company and have no financial stake nor vested interest in any law firm. Our interests always lie with you, the Australian public.

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